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*Are you a collector or interested in buying specific items please email me to to have our eyes keep a watch for your wants.  We see 100, 000's of unique items every year so let us help you find what you are looking for.

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We are so happy to offer another service to our clients. We can now auction your items here locally through our vast community of buyers and enthusiasts.  Contact us and ask us about holding an Online Estate Sale Auction or a Traditional Sale for your estate.

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 We love what we do and have passion for helping others.  We believe in treating our clients fair, compassionate and with honesty. We use our training and experience to provide the highest level of service to our clients and provide a stress free  service. 

We offer Traditional Estate Sale Services and Online Auction Services

 With constant evolution of the estate auctions industry we feel it is our duty to our clients to make sure we utilize all the current forms of marketing to promote our local estate sales and online estate auctions by KB Estate Sales. By using social media/web and traditional marketing methods we are able to reach a bigger audience to generate maximum revenue for our clients.

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 KB Estate Sales is an Associate member of The American Society of Estate Liquidators®  and follow their strict Code of Ethics. We are also members of ACNA in which we carry our Estate Sale Insurance to better protect you and us.

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