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American Society of Estate Liquidators

We are an Associate member of The American Society of Estate Liquidators® 

We are aslo members and Insured and Bonded through ACNA,  Antiques & Collectibles National Association 




"  My family and I really appreciate KB Estate Sales.  We were downsizing drastically to prepare for a move to a smaller home in a different city.  Keith made the process much easier.  Almost all of our stuff was sold at a good, honest price.  This is an honest, timely and trustworthy service.  I would recommend KB Estate Sales to friends and I have given information for this company to my realtor."
> Thanks for your service.
> Best Regards,
> Kristi 


 To Whom It May Concern: 

This letter is to fully support my recommendation of KB Estate Sales as the #1 choice for anyone needing an Estate Sale Representative. Unexpectedly, I needed to liquid an Estate ASAP for a loved one whose suffered unexpected health issues. After several exhausting interviews and time consuming research, I felt most comfortable with KB Estate Sales. I was extremely pressed for time and KB Estate Sales was able to execute my Estate Sale within 2 weeks. The contract was simple to understand. The set up was extremely professional. The expertise in pricing items was phenomenal. My profit was greater than I anticipated and the payment process was extremely thorough, smooth, and immediate. If you are in the market for an Estate Sale Expert, look no further, KB Estate Sales exceeded every one of my expectations and will absolutely do the same for you!


"Without KB Estate Sales I never could of made it happen.  They went above and beyond to help me through the process and exceeded my expectations, thank you!"