Common Questions



  •  Do you advertise?   Yes, we advertise heavily on our   website and other Internet links as well as and Social Media
  •  Who pays for the advertising?   Normally, we pay for all of the   advertising unless special advertising is requested.  In such cases, we   will discuss this during our pre-sale meeting.  We will also put up   signs leading to the sale so that people that missed any advertising happen   to be passing by they will know we are there. 
  •  Are your prices negotiable?   We are not negotiable on prices   until the second day of the sale.  Typically, items are reduced by 25%  on the morning of the second day and 50% after lunch time.  We also take   bids on any items throughout the sale.  
  •  Do you offer presales for the   family?  Dealers?   No, not at this time
  •  What do we (the family) need to do   to get ready for the sale?    The only thing you need to do   is to remove anything from the house that will not be included in the sale   and make sure to gather up all of your important personal items to take with   you. 
  • What happens with the more   expensive items during the sale?   The more expensive items are   placed near the check-out so they can be monitored during the sale.    Small items such as fine jewelry and better costume jewelry, etc., will be   place in locking cabinets and displays right in the check-out area to help   eliminate theft.     
  • How much time do you need to set   up for the sale?   The more time is always a better   scenario but realistically we work with all kinds of situations.  We can   discuss timelines on an individual case by case basis.   
  •  We don't have much in the house to   sell, is the sale big enough for an Estate Sale?   There are always options if there   isn't enough for a sale.     
  •  What happens with the leftover   items?   Again, there are several   choices.  These options can be discussed on a case by case basis to fit   your needs.    
  •  Can family members be present at   the sale?    Of course they can.    However, the customers know they are family members and that puts a personal   link to the items and makes them feel uncomfortable as well as the family   member.   
  •  How do we get our money after the   sale?   Usually within 48 hours of closing   sale day. This also can be discussed   on an individual case be case basis.
  •  Does everything do well at Estate   Sales?   With the right planning and   experience we try and bring in as much traffic as possible. We start with   fair market value and discount as the sale progresses.  There are those   exceptions and many times people have an idea that items are worth more that   they are actually going to bring.   An item is worth only   what somebody is willing to pay for it.  It is also trendy and Estate   Sales like everything else, follow the trends.    
  •  What about cars and or other   larger items?   Yes      
  •  I'm worried people will try to   come to our home prior to the sale.   Not to worry about this as we do not release   the address of the sale until a couple of days prior to the sale.